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Our San Antonio-based construction company services residential and commercial clients from all over Texas with a dedicated team of professionals. You can count on our crew to get the job done right and on time. Our sole objective is to assist you in completing your excavation project.

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We offer a truly comprehensive range of services to our customers.

We adapt to environmental changes and come up with creative solutions.

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What services do you offer?

JCH Construction of Texas are the Excavation Experts

Rock Trencher

For the installation of drainage, retaining walls, electrical or fiber conduits, sprinkler systems, and gas, sewage, and water lines, trenching can be done with heavy equipment from us. Replacement trenches can also be made to replace old sewage, water, and drain lines.


Because of our extensive experience working with utility companies in all of the US, we are well-versed in the specific needs of this business and are able to respond rapidly to our client’s requests. A wide variety of utility trucks and equipment are available from our JCH Construction, including all kinds of heavy equipment.

Specialty Trenching

Very specific trench digging tools are required for conduit installation. Each trench’s unique gaps will be checked first against the national electric code to ensure that the construction is done according to code in every way. An extensive plan of the site will also be produced so that all conduits may be positioned in an efficient manner.

Back Filling

Extra dirt is gathered during excavation and stored for future use. Backfilling the foundation or other structural areas with the soil that was previously set aside for this purpose is done once the concrete work has been completed. It is possible that extra soil will be removed from the site or saved for use in other portions of the project. Protected from the weather, excavated material should be stored.


Afterward, soil is compacted back into the trench or foundation in order to protect the foundations, and so the excavation process is completed. Soil conditions, specifications, and contract requirements are all factors that must be considered throughout the backfill process.
As part of the construction process, backfilling is critical to prepare the land for any type of utilities or construction. Backfilling is critical to the stability of your foundation.

Drainage Services

Our San Antonio-based construction company has a group of drainage specialists who have done considerable work all around the state of Texas. Residential and business clientele alike commend our work for its high standard of excellence.

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